2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Fashion Merchandising (FDM)

FDM 149  Apparel Production I  (3 Credits)  

Study of basic procedures used in the conversion of fabric to acceptable wearing apparel. (Students who demonstrate exceptionally high construction skills may opt to test out of the course).

FDM 250  Pattern-Making I  (3 Credits)  

Using draping, flat pattern, and drafting procedures to develop and construct one original muslin garment in half or full size

FDM 334  Textiles  (3 Credits)  

Study of factors that influence the tactile behaviors of natural and man- made fabrics during garment design, manufacture and wear with emphasis on fiber/fabric properties, production, and finish.

FDM 362  Fashion Forecasting and Sourcing  (3 Credits)  

Explorations in the use of the Internet and other resources to determine trends and sources related to fashion apparel and accessories.

FDM 365  Design Studio II  (2 Credits)  

Studio practice in the creation and production of original fashion apparel using computer applications.

FDM 373  Fashion History  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to social, economic, technological, cultural, and aesthetic factors influencing trends in design, merchandising, production, distribution, and consumption of textiles and apparel over time.

FDM 449  Design Collections  (3 Credits)  

Developing an original line of apparel and/or accessory items for one of the major apparel industry categories. A minimum of 5 items must be included.

FDM 454  Current Issues in Fashion Design/Merchandising  (3 Credits)  

Seminar course in which emerging issues related to the fashion industry will be explored.

FDM 496  Fashion Merchandising Internship  (3 Credits)  

Two hundred hours of supervised work experiences in an approved apparel retail agency are required. With faculty approval, plans for this experience may be submitted and the experience completed during summer prior to senior year.