2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Cooperative Education (CED)

CED 250  Career Development and Leadership Seminar  (1 Credits)  

Study of resume writing, interviewing, goal setting (Visioning), leadership and job search strategies for internship, co-op and permanent placement. Upon completion, the student is equipped with all the necessary tools required to obtain professional and

CED 350  Cooperative Educat  (3 Credits)  

Required for all students who have secureda, cooperative work assignment on their own, through, the department or through the Cooperative, Education office to complete the appropriate, forms. At this time, the student receives the, criteria that must be m

CED 450  Cooperative Educat  (3 Credits)  

Required for all students doing their second, co-op assignment. Continuation of the, previous assignment or a more advanced work , experience. The student must also register for , this course and come to the Cooperative , Education office to complete th