2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Religion (REL)

REL 110  Introduction to the Bible: Old Testament  (3 Credits)  

Examination of the writings, culture, and personalities in the ancient literature known as the Old Testament. Survey of both literary and historical perspectives and the possible structures, functions, and meanings of this literature for its original community.

REL 111  Introduction to the Bible: New Testament  (3 Credits)  

Survey of the ancient literature of the New Testament section of the Bible. Examination of historical, cultural, and theological issues. Exploration of literary and historical perspectives given the possible structures, functions, and meanings of the literature for its original community.

REL 200  Major World Religions  (3 Credits)  

Survey of major world religions and selected topics involving theological and cultural developments Investigation of basic religious structures and the relationship of religious phenomena to their cultural context. The historical, theological and modern impact of the religions studied highlighted.

REL 210  Major World Religions  (3 Credits)  

Intensive research pertaining to a selected area of religious thought and expression, either contemporary or ancient.

REL 330  History and Theology of the Black Church  (3 Credits)  

Analysis of African-American religious thought through critical student of the historical legacy of events, personalities, and institutions which helped shape black religion from Africa to the present.

REL 420  Sociology of Religion  (3 Credits)  

Study of the treatment of religions as a social institution. Examination of the influence of society on religion and the influences of religious ideas and organizations, on other social institutions and cultures.