2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Industrial Management Technology (IMT)

IMT 170  Introduction to Technology  (1 Credits)  

Development of an understanding in all aspects of industry and technology springing from the human abilities to reason, solve problems, create, construct, and use materials imaginatively.

IMT 205  Industrial Safety & Management  (3 Credits)  

Study of the nature, background, importance and trends in industrial safety. Major emphasis on regulatory aspects of industrial safety, identification and controlling safety hazards, accident and injury analysis, development of safety goals, material han

IMT 244  Industrial Specification & Technical Documentation  (3 Credits)  

Development of proficiency in writing technical reports through collecting, organizing, and presenting materials in specialized areas.

IMT 303  Internship in Technology  (3 Credits)  

Experience in developing and refining skills that require a transition into career-related positions relative to specialty programs. The purpose of the internship is to acquire a minimum level of practical application of the theory and content in the spe

IMT 340  Engineering Economics  (3 Credits)  

Evaluation of engineering alternatives by , quantitiative methods. Application to problems in, depreciation of assests, their replacement , analysis, break-even points, increment costs, and , production alternatives

IMT 412  Information Systems for Technology  (3 Credits)  

This course focuses on how managers can apply, knowledge of IT tools to solve technical problems, and find new opportunities to improve their, organizations. Problems relating to security, risk, analysis, telecommunications, human-machine, interaction, database management and artificial, intelligence are addressed.

IMT 413  Project Management  (3 Credits)  

A thorough coverage of the all aspects of managing a project. The process covered by the course include: project planning, organizing, creating project organization control and final project completion activities. Participant should gain a concrete unders

IMT 415  Industrial Maintenance Management  (3 Credits)  

Identification and appraisal of industrial , maintenance management functions, organizational, problems, and practices. Consideration given to , key factors for optimizing maintenance efficiency, and effectiveness.

IMT 420  Labor & Industrial Relations  (3 Credits)  

Discussion of why individual groups and organizations in unions, management, and government act as they do in industrial relations with emphasis on psychological and sociological factors.

IMT 423  Motion/Time Study  (3 Credits)  

Methods, materials, toosl and equipment of , industry for purposes of improvement and , standardization.

IMT 425  Plnt Layout/Mat Hd  (3 Credits)  

The fundamental theories, practices, and methods , for design of manufacturing facilities; materials , handling equipment and services.

IMT 445  Statistical Quality Control  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the principles of quality control in business and industrial engineering/technological managerial environments that provide techniques and procedures for determining and maintaing the quality of industrial products. Emphasis on random sam