2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Sciences (SCI)

SCI 101  Physical Science for Non-Science Majors  (3 Credits)  

This course is designed to give general knowledge of physical science. The course emphasizes knowledge of selected facts, principles, methods of science, and the place of science in our modern world. Topics include astronomy, physics, chemistry, and Earth science.

SCI 101L  Physical Science Laboratory  (1 Credits)  

An introductory science course for undergraduate non-science majors designed for students to gain knowledge of selected facts, principles, and the scientific method. Survey of the unity of physical science (chemistry, physics, and earth science) and the planets.

SCI 381  Science for Teachers  (3 Credits)  

Extension of the fundamental concepts of the biological and physical sciences, with special emphasis on content material in the physical sciences. Also provides special consideration of selecting methods and applications appropriate to the program of elementary schools.

SCI 381L  Science for Teachers Laboratory  (1 Credits)  

Laboratory course designed to accompany SCI 381 (Science for Teachers). Provides laboratory experiences to extend fundamental concepts of biological and physical sciences as it relates to the selection of appropriate methods and content for the classroom.

SCI 401  Geological Material and Processes  (3 Credits)  

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