2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Journalism (JRN)

JRN 210  Advertising Principles  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the basic principles of advertising and its practice.

JRN 220  Basic Writing  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to writing for all mass media, including intensive study of basic journalistic composition elements (grammar, punctuation, spelling) in preparation for professional reporting, writing and editing courses.

JRN 221  News Writing  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the fundamentals of news evaluation, gathering, and writing with special emphasis on newspaper style.

JRN 240  Principles of Public Relations  (3 Credits)  

Analysis of the history and growth of public relations and its role within organizations including ethical standards, basic principles, and problems of public relations.

JRN 290  Digital Photography  (3 Credits)  

Study of the integration of basic photography with computer technology. Emphasis on the digital photography process through in-class discussion, field assignments, and hands-on laboratory experience.

JRN 299  Multiculturalism and Mass Media  (3 Credits)  

Historical survey of participation by people of color in early publications and the industries of print and broadcast journalism, entertainment television and film, and advertising. Emphasis on case studies and other methods to examine interactions between societal conditions and mediated reality.

JRN 313  Advertising/Public Campaigns  (3 Credits)  

Philosophy and techniques of developing an advertising campaign with emphasis on integrating all creative elements, including market research; developing advertising objectives, plans and strategies; budgeting; scheduling of media; coordination of sales promotion; and measuring effectiveness.

JRN 330  Copy Editing  (3 Credits)  

Study of the fundamentals of copy editing, headline writing, re-writing and general copy desk work.

JRN 341  Public Relations Practice  (3 Credits)  

Study of the management and decision-making process in public relations. Emphasis on the case history approach to evaluate strategic planning in a variety of situations and areas, including business, government, non-profit, and education.

JRN 342  Promotional Writing  (3 Credits)  

Planning, implementing, and measuring the effectiveness of public relations programs including techniques of using controlled and uncontrolled media to reach various target publics. Study of producing materials originating from public relations departments and agencies; publicity; human relations; writing and editing business, industrial, and house publications; and fundraising.

JRN 493  Internship I  (3 Credits)  

Experience working for a newspaper or media company in public relations or with an advertising department or agency. (Practicum is an on-campus position. Internship is an off-campus position.)

JRN 497  Directed Research  (3 Credits)  

Individual study and/or research in journalism under the guidance of a journalism instructor.