2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Construction Management Engineering Technology (CMET)

BCT 162  Matrls of Constr'n  (3 Credits)  

Survey on construction materials, their, characteristics, advantages, and limitations., Emphasis on the use of these materials in , various building systems, including costs and , durability.

BCT 260  Building Codes and Specifications  (3 Credits)  

Emphasis on regional and national building codes, history of building regulations, zoning and its , inflence on construction and business, including, specifications and acceptance on costs and , durability.

BCT 262  Methods of Building Construction I  (3 Credits)  

Emphasis on the design,planning and methods, of sewage and electrical systems, as well as local, and national building codes and techniques.

BCT 263  Fund Surveying I  (3 Credits)  

Principles and practices of using basic surveying, instruments, error analysis, and note keeping, (Meets 4 days per week)

BCT 264  Intermed Surveying  (3 Credits)  

Practice of obtaining horizontal, vertical and , angular measurements; azimuths and bearing; , traverse surveys and computations; triangulation , of ordinary precision; stadia; land area , calculation, and constructin surveys, (Meets 4 hours per week)

BCT 265  Architect Details  (3 Credits)  

Study of building construction components, for residential buildings and light commercial , construction. (Meets 6 hours per week)

BCT 266  Architect Drafting  (3 Credits)  

Study of uilding construction drawings for , residential buildings and light commercial , construction (Meets 6 hrs. per week)

BCT 363  Methods of Building Construction II  (3 Credits)  

Comprehensive study of building construction, techniques in the construction industry. Emphasis, on residential and commercial type structures., Field trips are included.

BCT 364  Steel Structures  (3 Credits)  

Theory and practice in the design and fabrication, of structural steel in conformance with current , codes and practices. (Meets 4 hr. per week)

BCT 370  Cost Estimates and Quality Control I  (3 Credits)  

Surveys methods of taking quantities from plans, preparation of unit price and lumo sum estimates, for structural units, including material, , expediting, job supervision, site selection, and , progress charts and graphs

BCT 376  Soil Mechanics  (3 Credits)  

Study of the engineering properties of soil and , how those properties affect behavior, such as , movement of water thriugh soil, including ground , water contamination, stresses in a soil mass, , volume change, shear strength, subsurface , investigations and lateral earth pressure

BCT 376L  Soil Mechanics Lab  (1 Credits)  

Study of the skills necessary to perform soils , testing

BCT 462  Problem Analysis and Planning  (3 Credits)  

Consideration given to individual problem solving and analysis in specialized areas.

BCT 464  Organization & Supervision of Const.  (3 Credits)  

Study of construction methods and organization;, layout and planning; material requisitioning and, progress scheduling, including basic training in, estimating quantities of materials from plans and, specifications, approximate cost data, fixed and, operating cost in major construction works.