2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Techology Design (TMD)

TMD 145  Engineering Materials Technology  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the basics of materials science, through individualized and group instruction, relating the basic nature and properties of , polymer, ceramic, metallic, composite and , electronic materials to processing and design, requirements.

TMD 150  Engineering Graphics  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to theories of projection and the concepts of engineering drawing, including geometric construction, multi view drawing, auxiliary views as well as techniques of lettering and sketching. Hands-on sessions provide practice to reinforce the co

TMD 151  Introduction to Cad  (3 Credits)  

Awareness of computers in engineering design and problem solving, with emphasis on AutoCAD program on microcomputers for engineering graphics at a beginning level of design. Hands-on sessions using personal computers will provide practice to reinforce the

TMD 225  Mechanics I: Statics  (3 Credits)  

Develops analytic abilities of various types of force acting on a rigid body at rest with emphasis on systems using algebra and trigonometry, including vectors, couples, equilibrium, centroids, moments, friction and moments of inertia.

TMD 227  Dynamics  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to a vector treatment of the, kinematics and laws of motion of particles and , rigid bodies, including accleration, momentum, work, energy and power.

TMD 251  Advanced Cad  (3 Credits)  

Advanced aspects of CAD using AutoCAD, to produce engineering drawing 2D architecture and mechanical drawings. Special emphasis is placed on 3-D techniques, solid modeling, and rendering. Hands-on sessions using personal computers will provide practice to

TMD 252  Tool Design  (3 Credits)  

Study of function of a manufacturing environment to design production tools such as fixtures, gauges, dies, and clamping devices. Use of microcomputer provides experience in computer-aided design and other types of software for engineering problem solving.

TMD 345  Mechanics Ii: Strength of Materials  (3 Credits)  

Analysis of structures, utilizing principles of Hook's Law; Passions Ration; shear and moment diagrams, including statically determinate and some statically indeterminate structures.

TMD 345L  Mechanics II Laboratory: Properties of Materials  (1 Credits)  

Experimentation with properties of materials, fabrication characteristics, testing, and inspection. (Meets 2 hrs. per week.) It will acquaint students with techniques of testing materials, making accurate observations of phenomena and correct interpretati

TMD 348  Fluid Mechanics  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the principles of hydraulics, , fluid properties, hydrodynamics, and methods of, fluid circuit analysis with applications directed , toward various piping systems. Study of , the priniciples for compressible flows, ideal gas,, real gas. nozzle design and kinetic theory.

TMD 355  Machine Design  (3 Credits)  

Study of designing screws, fasteners, joints,, springs, bearings, and rigid machine components.

TMD 448  Thermodynamics  (3 Credits)  

Study of working ability with first and second laws of thermodynamics, including working fluids and heat engines' cycles

TMD 450  Instrumentation  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to a familiarity with the latest developments in measurement, control, calibrations and analysis of instrumentation from basic theory to its applications, with emphasis on operation, procedure, and principles.

TMD 455  Mechanical Design  (3 Credits)  

Study of design and slection of beams, gears, , clutches, brakes, couplings, flexible mechanical, elements, includig utilization of basic concepts , of kinematics.