2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM)

THM 100  Professional Careers in Hospitality Industry  (3 Credits)  

This first course in professional development will provide indepth discussion and experience in professional development within the hospitality industry. It will prepare students with the knowledge of professionalism, business etiquette, selfawareness skills and career planning of goals and objectives. It will provide information for their career, for their resumes, interviewing skills, and networking communications. Basic restaurant math and financial operations information will be demonstrated.

THM 115  Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality  (3 Credits)  

Overview of various facets of the industry's restaurants, hotels, resorts, travel, tourism, and clubs. Emphasis on general operating procedures and professional management principles with the inclusion of career planning and exposure to role models. Field

THM 200  Computers in Hospitality  (3 Credits)  

Study of computer applications used in the hospitality industry. Emphasis on the different software packages available and the programs they run.

THM 205  Sanitation Principles  (3 Credits)  

Study of sanitation standards for food and beverage establishments, food-handling practices, and micro-organisms and their control.

THM 210  Front Office Management  (3 Credits)  

Study of principles and procedures used in effective hotel/motel front office management. Emphasis on operation of specific equipment, planning and forecasting hospitality needs.

THM 212  Fundamentals of Nutrition for Food Service  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces the student to the concepts of food composition, nutrition science, and application of nutrition principles by the food service professional. It provides the student with a basic understanding of human nutrition and application of n

THM 250  Hotel Operations Management  (3 Credits)  

This course presents best practices and future directions in the hotel industry. Students will gain an understanding based on the flow of the guests' experience including reservation, arrival, registration, service, purchasing, departure, billing, and re

THM 280  Dining Rm & Beverage Management Operations  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the dining room and beverage service operation found in the Hospitality Industry. Elements of showmanship and techniques for promoting sound guest relations are stressed. Experience in working on campus and off, in addition to attending regular classes.

THM 290  Introduction to Gaming Management  (3 Credits)  

Overview of the gaming industry, including scope,, staffing, security, control, taxation, government, regulations, its interface with the hotel, and the, social, economic, and cultural impacts of gaming, on host community.

THM 300  Purchasing for the Hospitality Industry  (3 Credits)  

Exploration of the procedures and practices utilized in purchasing items and services for the hospitality industry. Emphasis on the procurement cycle, legal aspects of purchasing, standards and specifications of items, sources of supplies, and distributio

THM 320  Cases in Hospitality Management  (3 Credits)  

Study of strategic management concepts and applications in the hospitality industry. Student learn how to setup, start, and run a hospitality business. In addition, student receives intensive training in the use of the cases for decision-making via a comb

THM 320H  Honors Cases in Hospitality Management  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to strategic management concepts and applications in the hospitality industry. This course is designed to introduce the student to setting up, starting, and running a hospitality or hospitality-related type of business. In addition, the student receives intensive training in the use of the Case Method for decision-making and strategic management in the hospitality industry. This will be accomplished via a combination of cases, simulations, gaming, internships, and/or other pragmatic exercises.

THM 331  Food, Beverage & Labor Cost Control  (3 Credits)  

Fundamentals of food, beverage, and labor cost control for hotel and restaurant operations.

THM 350  International Tourism  (3 Credits)  

Contact the department for specific course information

THM 351  Event Planning and Management  (3 Credits)  

Emphasis on organizing, arranging, and operating conventions, trade shows, and concessions. Examination of methods of sales used in booking conventions and trade shows, and division of administrative responsibility in their operation.

THM 381  Facilities Layout & Design  (3 Credits)  

Study of hospitality facilities, layouts, and designs, exterior and interior; building systems; space allocations; equipment; and budgets.

THM 391  Intenship in Hospitality  (3 Credits)  

On-the-job experience at a hospitality industry employer. Minimum of 250 clock hours required.

THM 401  Club and Resort Management  (3 Credits)  

Survey of the organization and management of member-owned and proprietary private clubs and resorts. Study of relationship between board of directors, management, employees, club committees, and club members. Emphasis on budget preparation, including appl

THM 402  Management by Menu  (3 Credits)  

Principles of menu planning applied to the food services industry, including the menu and financial success, the menu and marketing, measuring menu effectiveness, menu writing procedures, and menu analysis and feasibility. Principles of table service for

THM 403  Catering Management  (3 Credits)  

This course will offer an overview of food service catering in an on and off premise environment.

THM 440  Hospitality Sales and Advertising  (3 Credits)  

Study of hospitality sales and marketing with emphasis on practical sales techniques, proven approaches to selling to targeting markets, and marketing role in sales.

THM 441  Restaurant Ownership and Operation  (3 Credits)  

Exploration of the factors necessary for the successful startup or take- over of a restaurant. Procedures are set forth for determining the entrepreneur's suitability (personal characteristics) as well as the market and financial feasibility of the project. Emphasis on concept development, seating, construction, menu, design, equipment, staffing and management necessary to maximize the chances for success.

THM 462  Hospitality Human Resource Management  (3 Credits)  

Study of the relationship between individual employees and the hospitality industry. Anaylsis of human behavior, attitudes, motivation strategies, stress management, employee wages, and productivity.

THM 481  Hospitality Property Management  (3 Credits)  

Study of the problems of cost and operation of pest control, security, parking, general cleaning and upkeep, laundry, fire prevention, pools, tennis courts, and care of guest rooms and public space, with emphasis on equipment, personnel, and modern innova

THM 490  Sr Project  (3 Credits)  

Emphasis on providing the student with the opportunity to engage in a research project designed to showcase competence and developed managerial knowledge.

THM 490H  Honors Sr Project  (3 Credits)  

Emphasis on providing the student with the opportunity to engage in a research project designed to showcase competence and developed managerial knowledge.

THM 494  Restaurant Franchising  (3 Credits)  

Emphasis on the unique difference between franchise and company-owned properties and the application of special techniques required to manage these differences.