2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Healthcare Administration (HCA)

HCA 501  Healthcare Organizations  (3 Credits)  

This course focuses on managing and leading healthcare organizations based on evidence, best, practices, benchmarks, and a culture of continous improvements.

HCA 515  Healthcare Financial Management  (3 Credits)  

This course emphasizes financial management theories and concepts that are unique to healthcare organizations and are utilized to promote the financial health of the organization., The course explores the tools required to provide insights into financial decision-making.

HCA 532  Healthcare Marketing  (3 Credits)  

Examination of the traditional and contemporary processes and strategies in which healthcare marketers based their decisions, including the, market in which healthcare organizations operate, the customers in the market, and the needs, wants, motivation, and behaviors of those customers.

HCA 540  Managerial Epidemiology and Population H  (3 Credits)  

Apply knowledge of epidemiology and population, health concepts and principles to develop, community-based strategies to improve health, outcomes.

HCA 560  Leadership, Ethics, and Professionalism  (3 Credits)  

Development of leadership, professional and, ethical skills that guide the performance, behavior, interaction, judgment and the, decision-making of healthcare leaders.

HCA 599  Law of Healthcare Administration  (3 Credits)  

Examination of legal issues that affect the, healthcare industry. Students will become, familiar with regulations and principles unique to, healthcare and how the knowledge gained could, guide behavior and practice of leaders.

HCA 601  Research Methods in Health Services  (3 Credits)  

The focus is to utilize scientific research, techniques and principles to carry out a research, study in healthcare services, with emphasis on, problem conceptualization and formulation,, research design, and interpretation.

HCA 624  Public Health Policy and Administration  (3 Credits)  

Examination of health policy issues from an economic perspective, including medical expenditures, legislation and regulations, and market conditions. The course explores the politics of healthcare reform and the role of government in medical care.

HCA 640  Healthcare Economics  (3 Credits)  

Exploration of economic strategies for decision-making in healthcare with emphasis to control costs while improving patient care. The course addresses market demand, profitability, risk, and regulations that healthcare organizations face in their daily operations.

HCA 674  Health Informatics  (3 Credits)  

Examination of health informatics and how it affects the work of leaders on a daily basis in the context of the structure and behavior of healthcare systems organizations and their members and patients. The course explores the transforming power of health informatics in the delivery of healthcare services, including operational issues, evidenced-based clinical decisions, and systems theory.

HCA 690  Human Resources in Healthcare  (3 Credits)  

Application of human resources concepts and strategies in developing a highly skilled and qualified workforce. Emphasis is on a strategic human resources management thinking and planning, including workforce diversity, job analysis and design, recruitment, selection and retention, workforce development, performance management, disaster preparedness, and competitive, compensation.

HCA 699  Master's Project  (3 Credits)  

Application of research theories, concepts and strategies to solve a problem in the delivery of healthcare services. Engage students in evidenced-based learning to improve health outcomes and make a contribution to the field of healthcare administration.