2022-2023 Academic Catalog

School of Graduate Studies and Research

Dr. DoVeanna Fulton, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
(757) 823-8408

Dr. George E. Miller, Dean
(757) 823-8015

Dr. Desideria Hacker, Assistant Dean
(757) 823-2893

The School of Graduate Studies and Research administers the University’s graduate programs in the School of Education, College of Liberal Arts, Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work, and College of Science, Engineering, and Technology. The Graduate Dean is responsible to the Provost for developing and maintaining high-quality graduate programs. The Graduate Dean serves as Chair of the Graduate Council and initiates activities and policies designed to maintain the quality of graduate programs and promote the general welfare of graduate students.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is responsible for academic matters pertaining to graduate education at Norfolk State University. Thus, the Council is responsible for establishing and recommending policies, regulations, and procedures for graduate degree programs. It aims to ensure the effective coordination of graduate programs and the maintenance of high-quality graduate education. The Council recommends the following:

  1. selection criteria for graduate faculty;
  2. instructional loads for graduate faculty; and
  3. mechanisms for the evaluation of graduate faculty and programs.

The Council also determines and monitors requirements for admission to graduate study at the University; regulations governing the number of undergraduate hours which graduate students can apply towards a graduate degree; the admission of undergraduate students to graduate courses; the number of transferable graduate credits; and other matters regarding graduate policies, regulations and procedures that are presented to the Council for consideration.

Membership on the Graduate Council is restricted to representatives from those schools housing graduate programs; those schools which have been granted approval by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia to implement graduate programs; the Faculty Senate; the Office of the Provost; the Library; the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center.