2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Minor in Fine Arts


(For students majoring in other departments.)

FIA 115Basic Design II3
FIA 120Drawing I3
FIA 260Introduction to Graphic Design3
FIA 3XXDept. Elective (FDM or FIA)3
FIA 3XXDept. Elective (FDM or FIA)3
FIA XXXDepartment Elective (300 or 400 level)3
Total Credits18

Note: All department FIA or FDM electives may be chosen from those listed in the Fine Arts Department’s Handbook, the NSU Student Catalog or the NSU Schedule of Classes for each semester. The electives should be chosen after a student has consulted with his or her advisor.

FIA 115 Basic Design II, a design development course in color design, is necessary for all students. The FDM designation refers to the fashion classes, and the FIA designation refers to all of the other Fine Arts studio and history art classes.