2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Graphic Design

Summary of Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Credits
General Education Core 40
Major Requirements 62
Electives 18
Other Requirements 0
Total Credit Hours 120


Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
ENG 101 College English I 3
ENG 102 College English II 3
FIA 114 Basic Design 3
FIA 115 Basic Design II 3
FIA 120 Drawing 3
FIA 110 Introduction to Art 3
HED 100 Personal and Community Health 2
FIA 280 Computer Applications in the Arts 3
SEM 101
SEM 102
Spartan Seminar 101
and Spartan Seminar 102
PED 100 Fundametals of Fitness for Life 1
XXX XXXForeign Language 3
Second Year
BIO 100 Biological Science 3
BIO 100L Biological Science Lab 1
FIA 140
or Sculpture
FIA 220 Life Drawing 3
SEM 201 Spartan Seminar 201 1
HUM 210
or Humanities
FIA 234 Painting 3
FIA 295 Sophomore/Junior Review 1
FIA 201 Basic Art Appreciation 3
MTH 103 Mathematics in General Education 3
HIS 100 History of World Societies I 3
SOC 101 Introduction to the Social Sciences 3
Third Year
FIA 270 History of Art Survey I 3
FIA 271 History of Art Survey II 3
ENG 285 Public Speaking 3
FIA 370 African/Afro-American Art 3
Select one of the following FIA XXX Electives: 3
Foundations of Photo 1
Apparel Production I
Introduction to Graphic Design
Select one of the following FIA XXX Electives: 3
Studio Lighting 1
Pattern-Making I
Select one of the following Electives: 3
Fashion Photography I
Graphic Design I
XXX XXXCultural Elective 3
XXX XXXGeneral Education Elective 3
XXX XXXGeneral Education or Foreign Language Elective 3
Fourth Year
FIA 470 Printmaking Workshop 2 3
FIA 491 Advanced Studio Problems 3
FIA 495 Portfolio Preparation and Sr Exhibition 2
FIA 465
Studio Workshop 1
or Advanced Graphic Design
FIA 466
Studio Workshop 2
or Advanced Graphic Design
FIA 467
Studio Workshop 3
or Design in Commerce
FIA 468 Studio Workshop 4 3-0
XXX XXXGeneral Education Elective 6
XXX XXXFree Elective 3
 Total Credits118-115

A non-art minor can be established by choosing carefully with your advisor the 15 – 18 necessary hours of electives.

Specific Courses Required for the Curriculum:

FIA 116Basic Design III3
FIA 262Printmaking Workshop3
FIA 235Painting3
FIA 165Foundations of Photo 13
FIA 166Foundations of Photo 23
FIA 260Introduction to Graphic Design3
FIA 265Studio Lighting 13
FIA 266Studio Lighting 23
FIA 295Sophomore/Junior Review3-0
FIA 321Intermediate Drawing3
FIA 360Typography3
FIA 362Graphic Design I3
FIA 363Graphic Design II3
FIA 380Computer Imaging3
FIA 420Advanced Drawing3-0
FIA 460Advanced Graphic Design3
FIA 461Advanced Graphic Design3
FIA 462Design in Commerce3
FIA 463Design in Commerce3
FIA 465Studio Workshop 13-0
FIA 469Printmaking Workshop 1 - Intalglio Printmaking3-0
FIA 470Printmaking Workshop 2 (A/B)3
FIA 492/492A/492BAdvanced Studio Problems3
FDM 149Apparel Production I3
FDM 250Pattern-Making I3
FDM 334Textiles3
FDM 449Design Collections3
FIA 221Life Drawing3
FIA 211Fashion Drawing3
FDM 149Apparel Production I3
FDM 250Pattern-Making I3
FDM 362Fashion Forecasting and Sourcing3-0
FDM 496Fashion Merchandising Internship3

Cultural Electives

ENG 383African-American Literature, 1940-PRESENT3
HIS 336African-American History Since 18653
HIS 371Modern African History & Cultures 1600-PRESENT3
MUS 234African-American Music3
POS 315African American Politics3
PSY 340Psychology of the African-American3
SOC 237Racial & Ethnic Minorities3

Fine Arts Electives

May be any FIA or FDM 100, 200, 300, or 400 level courses listed in the:

  1. NSU Student Handbook

  2. Department of Fine Arts Handbook, or
  3. NSU Semester Schedule Book.