2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Online Programs

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers all core courses online, face to face, and in accelerated (8 week) sessions; as possible.

Student Requirements

  1. Students should enroll at Norfolk State University (NSU), or any other college that is a member of the Tidewater consortium, and register for an NSU course.
  2. Students must have access to a computer (at home, work, school, etc.), Internet connection, and a web browser (Netscape Communicator 4.7 or higher or Microsoft Explorer 5.5 or higher). For further information on the minimum computer requirements go to e-Learning at the NSU website, click on Student Support, and then click on “What are the minimum system requirements?”
  3. Upon enrollment, students receive a Norfolk State e- mail account. Students must access their Norfolk State e-mail accounts by doing the following:

    Go to the NSU web-site (www.nsu.edu).

    Click on E-Learning; then click on Student Support; click on e-mail login information.
  4. Students registered for online classes should use their Blackboard (Bb) login and access Blackboard. Once in Blackboard, the students should transmit an e-mail to the class instructor to ensure that they can access the class and that their e-mail is functioning properly.
  5. E-Learning courses require students to possess basic computer skills. Students should be comfortable using a computer to word process documents, surf the Internet via web browser, send and receive e-mail, and to send and receive attachments.
  6. For the most up-to-date information on e-learning courses, instructor e-mail addresses, and qualities that contribute to a successful learning experience, contact the School of Extended Learning.

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies

   1) Reclamation Program at Virginia Beach Higher Education Center

           (Please see NSU Website, http://www.nsu.edu/vbhec/reclamation)

   2) Norfolk Naval Base

          (Please see NSU Website, http://www.nsu.edu/vbhec/navalclasses.)