2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Science - 3 Year Degree Concentration

Summary of Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Credits
General Education Core 40
Major Requirements (including concentrations) 54
Electives 23
Technology Supplement 3
Total Credit Hours 120


Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
Select one of the following: 3
BIO, PHY, CHM, SCI Biological Science 1
General Biology  
Select one of the following: 1
Biological Science Lab 1
Chemistry: Man & Environment Laboratory  
Physical Science Laboratory  
Select one of the following: 3
Computer Literacy 1  
Computer Literacy for Musicians  
Introduction to Computer Science  
Computer Principls  
Computer Applications in the Arts  
ENG 101 College English I 3
ENG 102 College English II 3
HED 100 Personal and Community Health 2
Select one of the following Social Science: 3
Introduction to the Social Sciences  
Introduction to Sociology  
History of World Societies I  
History of World Societies II  
United States History to 1865  
United States History Since 1865  
Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship  
Basic Principles of Economics  
Select one of the following Humanities: 3
Introduction to World Literature  
Basic Art Appreciation  
Music Appreciation  
MTH 103 Mathematics in General Education (or higher) 3
PED 100 Fundametals of Fitness for Life 1 1
XXX XXXFree Electives 2
SEM 101
SEM 102
Spartan Seminar 101
and Spartan Seminar 102
ENG 285 Public Speaking 3
XXX XXXCultural Perspective 1 3
Second Year
SCI 101 Physical Science for Non-Science Majors 3
CSC 200 Advanced Computer Concepts 3
XXX XXXCultural Perspective 3
XXX XXXConcentrations I and II 21
INT 308 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies 3
INT 322 Approaches to Critical Analysis 3
INT 360 Foundations of Research in Interdisciplinary Studies 3
INT 375 Language and Society 3
XXX XXXElective 3
Third Year
INT 411 Ideas and Their Influences 3
INT 412 Contemporary Globalization 3
INT 470 Sr Seminar 3
Select one of the following: 3
The Black Woman  
Interdisciplinarity of Religion  
Africant American Language and Culture  
Sr Thesis  
Upper Level
XXX XXXConcentration II (300-400 level) 9
XXX XXXFree Electives (300-400 level) 15
 Total Credits116