2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies - 3 Year Degree Concentration

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
SEM 101 Spartan Seminar 101 1-0
SEM 102 Spartan Seminar 102 1-0
MTH 103 Mathematics in General Education (or higher) 3-0
ENG 101 College English I (or ENG 101H) 3-0
ENG 102 College English II (or ENG 102H) 3-0
HED 100 Personal and Community Health 2-0
PED 100 Fundametals of Fitness for Life 1-0
BIO 1XX, CHM 1XX, or SCI 1XX 100- level science class 3-0
Lab to match: Bio 1XX, CHM 1XX, or SCI 1XX Lab to match 100-level science class (Must be for science class above) 1-0
BIO 1XX, CHM 1XX, or SCI 1XX A second 100-level science class 3-0
CSC 150 Computer Literacy 3-0
Select one of the following social science or history courses:
BUS 175
Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship
or Basic Principles of Economics
or History of World Societies I
or History of World Societies II
or United States History to 1865
or United States History Since 1865
or American National Government
or Introduction to the Social Sciences
or Introduction to Sociology
Select one of the following humanities courses:
ENG 207
Introduction to World Literature
or Basic Art Appreciation
or Humanties
or Humanities
or Music Appreciation
INT 210 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies 3
XXX XXX Electives 3-0
Summer Semester- Between Year 1 and 2
INT 311 Principles of Interdisciplinary Studies 3-0
XXX XXX Electives 3-0
Second Year
SEM 201 Spartan Seminar 201 1-0
ENG 285
Public Speaking
or Honors Public Speaking
CSC 200
Advanced Computer Concepts
or Advanced Microcomputing
or Educational Technology
Select two of the following African or African American culture courses: 6-0
ENG 383
African-American Literature, 1940-PRESENT
or African/Afro-American Art
or African-American History
or African-American History Since 1865
or Early African History/Cultures to 1600
or African History/Cultures 1600-PRESENT
or African-American Music
or African American Politics
or Psychology of the African-American
1XX or 2XX- level course: Introductory Concentration I Area course 3-0
1XX or 2xx- level course: Introductory Concentration II Area course 3-0
INT 322 Approaches to Critical Analysis 3-0
INT 360 Foundations of Research in Interdisciplinary Studies 3-0
XXX XXX Concentration I Area courses 6-0
XXX XXX Concentration II Area Course 3-0
XXX XXX Electives 2-0
Summer Semester- Between Year 2 and 3
INT 375 Language and Society 3-0
XXX XXX Concentration II Area 3-0
Third Year
INT-3XX or INT- 4XX Interdisciplinary Studies Elective 3-0
XXX-3XX or XXX-4XX Upper-level Concentration I Area courses 9-0
XXX-3XX or XXX-4XX Upper-level Concentration II Area courses 9-0
INT 470 Sr Seminar 3-0
INT 475 Interdisciplinary Studies Internship 3-0
XXX XXX Electives 9-0
 Total Credits120-3

Summary of Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Credits
General Education Core 40
Major Requirements (including concentrations) 54
Electives 23
Technology Supplement 3
Total Credit Hours 120