2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Bachelor of Science Electrical and Electronics Engineering (General)

Summary of Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Credits
General Education Core 40
Major Engineering Requirements 54
Mathematics and Science 34
Total Credit Hours 128


The B.S. degree program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering provides emphasis in microelectronics, digital and analog networks, communications, and control systems. The curriculum is designed to give students a thorough knowledge of the methods of design, application, and analysis of electronic systems. 

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
EEN 100 Intro Elec Eng'rng 3
ENG 101 College English I 3
MTH 184 Calculus I 1 4
PHY 160 University Physics I 1 4
PHY 160L University Physics Laboratory I 1 1
PED 100 Fundametals of Fitness for Life 1
CSC 170 Computer Programming I (C++) 3
EEN 101 Engineering Problem Solving 2
ENG 102 College English II 3
MTH 251 Calculus II 4
PHY 161 University Physics II 4
PHY 161L University Physics Laboratory II 1
SEM 101
SEM 102
Spartan Seminar 101
and Spartan Seminar 102
Second Year
SEM 201 Spartan Seminar 201 1
XXX XXX Social Science from the Core 3
HED 100 Personal and Community Health 2
EEE 201 Electrical Network Theory I 3
EEE 201L Electrical Network Theory I 1
CHM 210 General Chemistry for Engineers 1 3
MTH 252 Calculus III 4
EEN 202 Electrical Network Theory II 3
EEN 202L Electrical Network Theory II Laboratory 1
EEN 211 Material Science & Engineering 3
EEE 231 Digital Logic Design 3
EEE 231L Digital Logic Design Laboratory 1
MTH 372 Differential Equations 3
ENG 285 Public Speaking 3
Third Year
XXX XXXHumanities from the Core Tier 2 3
EEN 301 Engineering Electronics I 3
EEN 301L Electronic Devices Laboratory 1
EEN 305 Signals/Systems I 3
EEN 311 Engnrng Elect Lab I 3
MTH 300 Linear Algebra 3
XXX XXX Engineering Restricted Elective 3
EEN 321 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3
EEN 431 Microcontrollers 3
EEN 371 Control Systems 3
MTH 351 Probability & Statistics I (Engineering Section) 1 3
Fourth Year
XXX XXXHumanities (Core Tier 3 Cultural Perspectives Elective) 3
EEN 401 Electronics Engineering Seminar 1
EEN 451 Commuic'ns Engr I 3
EEN 498 Sr Design Proj I 3
XXX XXX Restricted Engineering Elective 9
XXX XXXSocial Sciences (Core Tier 3 Cultural Perspectives Elective) 3
EEN 499 Sr Design Proj II 3
XXX XXX: Unrestricted Elective 3
 Total Credits128

Substitutes for General Education Core Requirements

Engineering Restricted Electives 

Take one elective from this list or take one elective from any of the 3 tracks.

EEN 333Digital Integrated Circuits3
EEN 350Scientific Instrumentation3
EEN 462Semiconductor Processing Technology3
EEN 451Commuic'ns Engr I3
EEN 476Renewable Bio Energy3
OEN 340Lasers and Photonics3
OEN 380Introduction to Quantum Optics3
OEN 360Introduction to Optical Materials3

BIO Engineering Track

EEN 462Semiconductor Processing Technology3
EEN 481Biomedical Engineering Micro-Devices & Systems3
EEN 482Bioelectrics3
Total Credits9

Microelectronics and Photonics Track 

EEE 201Electrical Network Theory I3-0
EEN 462Semiconductor Processing Technology3
OEN 340Lasers and Photonics3
OEN 460Optical Communications I3
EEN 302Microelectronics3
OEN 380Introduction to Quantum Optics3
Total Credits18-15

Gaming and Robotics Track

EEE 431Microcontrollers3-0
EEN 471Control Systems Analysis3
EEN 475Design of Robotic Systems3
EEN 350Scientific Instrumentation3
EEN 451Commuic'ns Engr I3
EEN 462Semiconductor Processing Technology3
Total Credits18-15