2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Political Science, Bachelor of Arts

Summary of Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Credits
General Education Core 40
Major Requirements 62
Electives 18
Total Credit Hours 120


Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
URP 192 Introduction Urban Planning (Spring only) 3
BIO 100
Biological Science
or Physical Science for Non-Science Majors
Select one of the following: 3
Computer Literacy  
Computer Literacy for Musicians  
Computer Applications in the Arts  
ENG 101 College English I 3
ENG 102 College English II 3
HED 100 Personal and Community Health 2
MTH 103 Mathematics in General Education 3
PED 100 Fundametals of Fitness for Life 1
POS 100 American National Government 3
POS 180 Introduction to Political Science 3
SEM 101 Spartan Seminar 101 1
SEM 102 Spartan Seminar 102 1
Second Year
Select one of the following: 3
BIO 100L Biological Science Lab 1
Human Biology  
ENG 114 Techniques of Vocabulary Building 2
Select one of the following: 3
History of World Societies I  
History of World Societies II  
United States History to 1865  
United States History Since 1865  
Select one of the following: 3
Introduction to World Literature  
Basic Art Appreciation  
Music Appreciation  
SOC 101 Introduction to the Social Sciences 3
URP 292 Urban Planning Law (Fall only) 3
POS 231 American State and Local Government 3
SOC 101 Introduction to the Social Sciences 3
ENG 203 Advanced Communication Skills 3
ENG 285 Public Speaking 3
SEM 201 Spartan Seminar 201 1
Third Year
ECN 211
Principles of Microeconomics
or Principles of MacRoeconomics
POS 230 American Public Policy 3
ECN 211
Principles of Microeconomics
or Principles of MacRoeconomics
POS 250 Introduction to Public Administration 3
POS 332 Introduction to Jurisprudence 3
POS 333 Research Methods 3
POS 345 Statistics and Data Processing 3
URP 292 Urban Planning Law 3
Select six credits of the following Cultural Electives: 6
African-American Literature, 1940-PRESENT  
African/Afro-American Art  
African-American Music  
African-American History  
African-American History Since 1865  
Early African History and Cultures, From the Beginning of Humankind to 1600  
Modern African History & Cultures 1600-PRESENT  
Racial & Ethnic Minorities  
African American Politics  
Psychology of the African-American  
XXX XXXFree Elective 3
Fourth Year
POS 337 American Constitutional Development (Fall only) 3
POS 350 Organization Theory and Behavior 3
POS 360 International Politics 3
POS 499 Sr Project,Sr Seminar 1 4
POS 431 Modern Theory 3
POS 451 Public Personnel Administration 3
XXX XXXFree Electives 12
 Total Credits124

Areas of Interest

The following courses represent career areas of interest to increase students’ preparedness for specific career goals. Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisor prior to taking courses in the career areas of interest. Twelve (12) credit hours are needed to fulfill the requirements for each career area of interest.


POS 332Introduction to Jurisprudence3
POS 337American Constitutional Development3
POS 338American Constitutional Law (POS 3XX)3
POS 443Administrative Law (POS 4XX) 13
POS 494Pre-Law Internship (POS 4XX)6
CJS 200Introduction to Criminial Justice (Free Elective)3
CJS 313American Ct Systems Honors (Free Elective)3

Public Administration

POS 250Introduction to Public Administration3
POS 350Organization Theory and Behavior3
POS 451Public Personnel Administration3
POS 493Internship (POS 4XX)9
POS 230American Public Policy 13
POS 443Administrative Law (POS 4XX)3
ACC 201Principles of Financial Accounting3

Urban Planning

URP 192Introduction Urban Planning3
URP 292Urban Planning Law3
URP 285Urban Land Use Planning (URP 2XX)3
URP 380Housing and Community Development (URP 3XX)3
URP 355Urban Economic Development Planning (URP 3XX)3

U.S. Politics and Theory

POS 100American National Government3
POS 325American Foreign Policy (POS-3XX)3
POS 315African American Politics (POS 3XX)3
POS 431Modern Theory3
POS 430Political Theory3
POS 320The American Party System3

International Relations

POS 323Compartative Government3
POS 360International Politics3
POS 442International Law (POS 4XX)3
POS 463Politics of African Nations (POS 4XX)3
POS 464African Crises (newly added) 2,33
GEO 130Principles of Geography3