2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Division of Finance and Business

Dr. Gerald Hunter
Vice President for Finance and Administration
(757) 823-8011

The Division of Finance and Administration provides leadership for the administration of the institution’s fiscal and business services and protects its financial and capital resources. These services include providing leadership for an array of initiatives and services that sustain and enhance the University’s living, learning, and working environments for students, faculty, and staff. The Division’s priorities and goals are service oriented attitude, operational efficiency and effectiveness, and financial accountability. The institution’s commitment to academic excellence and fiscal soundness is reflected in its stewardship of resources, integrity in activities and customer-friendly interactions with constituents.

The Division ensures that the University complies with applicable state and federal requirements and sustains credible fiscal and operational management. The Division’s support services include

  • Administration;
  • Auxiliary Services;
  • Bursar;
  • Controller;
  • Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management;
  • Facilities Management;
  • Finance;
  • Parking and Transportation Services;
  • Procurement Services, and
  • University Police.

As the University maintains its credibility as a well-managed, fiscally sound institution of higher education, its goal is to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness in administration, while taking a proactive approach to emerging issues and new challenges.


The Bookstore is a service element owned by Norfolk State University and operated by Barnes and Noble Bookstore. It is located in the New Student Center. The Bookstore provides the University community with the widest possible selection of goods and services at competitive prices, with particular attention being paid to academic requirements.

Facilities Management Department

The Facilities Management Department has four major areas, namely (a) Operations and Maintenance, (b) Capital Planning and Improvements, (c) Administrative Services and (d) Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management. The area of Operations and Maintenance provides services needed to operate and maintain all university facilities. These services are provided by carpenters, painters, mason plasterers, plumbers,  electricians, HVAC mechanics, locksmiths, housekeeping workers, grounds persons, laborers, engineers, administrative, work management center, and supervisory personnel. The Department is also responsible for electrical and other utilities distribution. In addition to operating and maintaining the facility plant, the department provides labor services such as sound setups and moving and hauling for the entire university community.

The area of Capital Planning and Improvements provides services for space utilization, design, planning, bidding, and contracting services for capital outlay projects and minor renovations and alterations to existing facilities.

The area of Administrative Services provides financial, budgeting, and administrative services to the operating units within facilities. Services provided include budget, finance, payroll, postal services, inventory control, property disposal, receiving, warehousing, billing, payment of all utility and vendor invoices, construction contract administration, and funding for all new planning and construction projects.

The area of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management provides oversight to mandated programs; provides safety consultations to faculty and staff, and conducts training, incident investigations; monitors and coordinates evaluations for fire safety systems; manages liability and property damage claims; appraises and issues certificates of insurance coverage; coordinates hazardous waste storage and disposal. This area also designs and assesses response procedures for emergency situations.

Dining Services

NSU Dining Services prepares home-style cooked meals for meal plan participants and customers. Meals are served at Scott Dozier Dining Hall and West Dining Hall, which are conveniently located for students. Traditional meals are also served in the Faculty Dining Hall located adjacent to Scott Dozier Hall. All facilities are operated by Thompson Hospitality/Compass Group.

NSU Dining Services offers branded retail outlets such as Pizza Hut, Freshens, Origins, Coyote Jacks Grill, and Chick-fil-A. These retail dining areas are conveniently located on campus. The Spartan Station Food Court located at the Student Service Center provides specialty fast food and beverages for staff and students. NSU Dining Services also sponsors two Campus C-Stores to meet the needs of staff and students. There is an Outtakes Kiosk located in Wilson Hall Administration Building.

Catering services also are provided by NSU Dining Services. It is committed to accommodating customers and students with quality products and to providing incomparable service.

Inclement Weather

Decisions to close the University due to inclement weather will be made by the Vice President for Finance and Business in consultation with the President and other vice presidents. The decision to close Norfolk State University will be communicated by the Acting Executive Director of Communications and Marketing via the area’s media outlets.

During times of inclement weather (e.g., hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) employees and students may obtain information regarding NSU closing and cancellation of classes from the following:

Radio Stations Television Stations
WOWI FM 102.9 WAVY TV 10
WJCD FM 105.3 WVEC TV 13

For more information on this policy, please call:

  • Office of Communications and Marketing at (757) 823- 8373,
  • Office of Finance and Business at (757) 823-8011,
  • Office of Risk Management at (757) 823-9142,
  • Switchboard at (757) 823-8600 or
  • SpartanLine at (757) 823-2600.

Postal Services

The Postal Service provides University faculty, staff, and students with quality services when processing official campus and off-campus mail, and provides postage meter service for the University community at the prevailing governmental rates for all classes of mail. Proper mail handling instructions and assistance to University faculty, staff and students are also provided.

University Police Department

Norfolk State University Police Department has primary responsibility for security on campus. The Norfolk State University Police Department’s mission is “to promote and maintain personal safety and physical and environmental security.” The department’s efforts include preventive measures through education and enforcement and to promote awareness of individual responsibility in safety and crime prevention. Norfolk State University Police Officers are sworn officers empowered and mandated to enforce federal, state, and local laws.

Norfolk State University Police Department’s security policies and procedures comply with law enforcement regulations as established by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Department of Criminal Justice Services.


Incidents may be reported in person or anonymous by dialing the following phone numbers:
Non-Emergency: 757-823-8102
Emergency: 757-823-9000
Anonymous: 757-823-2148