2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Residence Hall Financial Information

Residential Fees

All students who plan to live on campus must pay a non-refundable housing deposit of $300.00 by the deadline date, (May 1st for fall entry or November 1st for spring entry) to reserve on-campus housing. Only applications accompanied by deposits will be considered. No bed spaces are guaranteed after the deadline dates.

Upon receipt of a bill from NSU, the entire room and board balance must be paid in full or payment arrangements made with the Office of Student Accounts by the respective May 1st/November 1st deadline date. To inquire about individual accounts, students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (757) 823-8381.

Students are required to occupy the assigned room on or before the first day of classes. Failure to do so could result in the loss of on-campus housing

Damage Deposit

Students who desire to live in the residence facilities will be required to pay a non-refundable residential room deposit of $300.

Financial Arrangements

Students must confirm housing arrangements before arrival by completing a Residential Life application and paying the $300 deposit. Students must make satisfactory payment arrangements before a room key is issued.

Financial Obligations and Registration

Students are required to fulfill their financial obligations for tuition, fees, room, and meals for each semester of enrollment. Prior balances must be paid before students will be allowed to register for classes in subsequent semesters. Payment arrangements for the current semester must be in place to complete the registration process and prevent the deletion of class schedules. Returning students will not be allowed to obtain a key to residence halls until all financial obligations to the University are satisfied.

Refunds for room reservation deposits will be made for the following reasons:

  • Space is not available to accommodate the student;
  • The student is called for active duty prior to the first day of class;
  • The student is deceased; or
  • The prospective student is not admitted to the University

Residence Hall Withdrawal Procedures

Contract Cancellation and Penalties: Neither voluntary withdrawal nor eviction from the residence halls will relieve the student of financial liability for the amount payable under this contract in addition to any and all collection charges he/she may incur.

Students who withdraw from the University and/or an assigned room must terminate their University Housing Contract by completing the Contract Cancellation Form. Upon withdrawal from University housing during either the Fall or Spring semester, all room and meal plan fees will be assessed on a semester basis as follows:

Withdrawal/Drop Period Refund to Student
Before first day of class 100% Room & Board Prorated
First week of class based on days occupied
Second week of class 75% Room and Board
Third week of class 0%

Failure to officially terminate the contract in the prescribed manner may result in additional fees and/or charges, including but not limited to moving and/or storage charges. NSU is not responsible for any items left and/or stored in any residential facility upon move-out.