2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Registration Procedures


The Registrar is the official custodian of academic records and is responsible for the process of enrolling students in courses, providing registration statements (which include tuition charges and related fees), and collecting and maintaining academic information in accordance with University policy. The Registrar certifies students for graduation and is the keeper of the University seal. The Registrar is responsible for calculating and recording student grades and notifying students of their enrollment status, including academic probation and suspension. For more information please contact the Office of the Registrar at (757) 823-8377.

The first step in the registration process is admission to the University. In order to attend classes at Norfolk State University, all students must complete the registration process. A registration information booklet outlining registration policies and procedures, final examination schedules, and other information pertaining to registration for a given semester or summer school is available in the Office of the Registrar or online at www.nsu.edu/registrar. Class schedules are available online under Search for Classes using http://www.nsu.edu/mynsu/. Registration dates are included in the University calendar shown in this catalog. Students are responsible for complying with all of the policies and procedures governing registration, changing of class schedules, paying tuition, and fulfilling other requirements outlined in this catalog, the current registration information booklet, and other official publications.

First-time freshmen and transfer students must obtain the signature of the department head or the academic advisor on the Course Registration Worksheet, indicating approval of the student’s schedule of courses. Returning students must consult with their advisor and agree upon a schedule of courses in order for the advisor to release the WEBNO hold for online registration using MyNSU (http://www..nsu.edu/mynsu/).

Early Registration

Currently enrolled students are encouraged to register in advance (pre-register) for the following spring or fall semester. The procedures for pre-registration for an ensuing semester are published in the Registration Information and Schedule of Classes booklet available in the Office of the Registrar. The dates and times for registration are included in the Academic Calendar.

Late Registration

A late registration fee of $75 will be assessed against any student who fails to complete registration within the specified period for regular registration. The last dates for late registration, adding classes, and changing class schedules are listed in the Academic Calendar.

Additional information about academic policies and procedures related to registration, matriculation, withdrawal, degree completion and graduation is provided in the Academic Policies section of the catalog.

Changes in Class Schedule (Add/Drop)

Changes in class schedules (Add/Drop) may be made only with the written consent of the course instructor and the advisor or department head. Students who have not declared a major may contact the Student Success Center (SSC) for advising and schedule changes. Non-matriculating students should contact the Dean's Office in the College of Liberal Arts to process schedule changes. A student must complete the Administrative Change form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and report to the offices of the Registrar and Cashier to complete the transactions. No changes in class schedules may be made after the dates stipulated in the academic calendar for making changes without incurring the penalty of failure ("F") for the course(s) involved.

Auditing Courses

Students who desire to attend classes but do not plan to receive credit may audit courses. A grade of AU is recorded for these students, and they must have the permission of the instructor. An audited course is counted as part of a student’s total class load, and he or she must pay tuition the same as if receiving credit. To audit a course the student must complete the Course Registration Worksheet and place an “AU” in the “TUITION HOURS” column of the worksheet. The instructor’s signature should be placed in the “Comments” column on the same line as the audited course. The auditing student is expected to attend classes regularly but is not required to submit assignments or take examinations. Changing from audit to credit or from credit to audit is permitted only during the scheduled “Add” period. Audited courses may be dropped during the scheduled “Drop” period.

Change of Name and Address

It is the obligation of the student to notify the Office of the Registrar of any change in name (legal documentation required) or address.

Transcript of Record

A transcript is a history of the student’s permanent academic record. Transcripts are issued only upon the written request of the student or his or her authorized agents and should be requested at least 10 business days prior to the date needed.

Students may request transcripts of work completed at the University by completing a Transcript Request Form in person on the second floor of the Student Services Center, or by mailing the request to:

Registrar’s Office, Suite 212
Student Services Center
700 Park Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23504.

The fee for each transcript is $3.00 and may be paid in person at the Cashier’s Office, first floor of Wilson Hall, or mailed with the written request. The check or money order should be made payable to NSU.

Online requests for transcripts may be placed at www.nsu.edu/registrar. The cost for online transcript requests is $5.25 per copy, and must be paid using a valid credit card. The same processing times apply for online requests.

Transcripts are released only when a student’s account is paid in full and the student’s loans are current.

Release of Student Information

(In accordance with FERPA)

Student records are not available without the student’s written consent.

Exceptions: school officials, including teachers within the educational institution or local educational agencies that have a legitimate educational interest.

The following information has been declared “Directory Information” and may be released by the University without prior consent of the student: name, address, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in official activities, weight and height of athletic team members, dates of attendance, enrollment status, degree, honors and awards received, and previous educational agency or institution attended.

“Directory Information” will not be released for commercial purposes. A student may contact the Office of the Registrar in writing to request that “Directory Information” not be released.

Access to personal records and files is guaranteed to every student and subject only to regulations as to time, place, and supervision. Members of the faculty with administrative assignments may have access for internal educational purposes as well as for routinely necessary administrative and statistical purposes.

Properly identified officials from federal, state, and local government agencies may be given the following information:

  • name and address of parent or guardian if student is a minor; and
  • any information required under legal compulsion

Unless under legal compulsion, personal access to a student’s file should be denied to any person making an inquiry.

Disciplinary proceedings will not be made available to any person or agency unrelated to the University.

Upon graduation or withdrawal from the institution, the records and files of former students shall continue to be subject to the provisions of this code.

Retention and Disposition of Records

The Office of the Registrar adheres to the following disposal schedule as recommended by the Library of Virginia’s Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, General Schedule No. 111, College and University Records (effective March 2009).