2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Certificate in Paraprofessional Education


YEAR ONE:  1st Semester
EDU 201Foundations of Education3
SPE 103Collegiate Quantitative Literacy Skill3
SPE 105Overview of Inclusion Education Services3
SPE 107Human Relations Skills and Ethics3
CSC 150Computer Literacy3
Total Credits15
2nd Semester
ENG 101College English I3
MTH 103Mathematics in General Education3
SPE 109Guiding Classroom Behaviors of Learners3
PSY 211Basic Principles of Psychology3
SPE 198Practicum for Paraprofessionals3
Total Credits15

YEAR TWO:  1st Semester
ENG 102College English II3
SPE 111Learning Through Literature3
SPE 299Internship for Paraprofessional3
EDU 202Human Growth & Development3
XXX XXX Elective3
Total Credits15
2nd Semester
SPE 113Facilitating Reading Instruction3
EDU 115Facilitating Learning Mathematics and, Science Concepts3
SPE 210American School and the Teaching Profession3
SPE 213Critical Thnkng/Assess Skills3
XXX XXX Elective3
Total Credits15