2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Medical Technology (MDT)

MDT 410  Immunology and Serology  (4 Credits)  

Introduction to the study of antigens, antibody , reactions, basic immune mechanisms, and their, manifestations. Presentations will be made on , current immunological and molecular diagnostic, concepts and their applications in the diagnosis,, prevention, and treatment of infections, and , noninfectious disease processes. The laboratory, component is used to investigate "in vitro" , antigen-antibody reactions and the serological, procedures used in the diagnosis of disease states

MDT 455  Immunohematology  (4 Credits)  

Clinical application of the principles of blood banking and transfusion therapy. Emphasis on the clinical manifestations of the blood group system, their antigens and antibodies; blood donation, blood processing component preparation, aphaeresis, exchange transfusions and transfusion reactions. Emphasis on quality control, FDA mandates, and blood bank policies for emergency transfusions. Simulated laboratory sessions introduce the general conditions and problems of the modern blood bank service. (3 hrs. lecture/4 hrs. laboratory)