2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Health Rehabilitation Science (HRS)

HRS 120  Introduction to Health Rehabilitation and Related Services  (1 Credits)  

This course serves to introduce students to the science of health rehabilitation (i.e., physical and mental,) and the health rehabilitation service professions. It includes information on their historical, philosophical, legal, educational, ethical and professional foundations. Students also will be introduced to the scope of rehabilitation practice across a wide variety of public and private settings, both nationally and internationally.

HRS 220  Medical Aspects of Disability & Chronic Illness  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the structure of medicine in the United States; survey of medical specialties and terminology; survey of body systems; common malfunctions; therapeutic services; and restorative techniques.

HRS 230  Rehabilitation Technologies  (2 Credits)  

Principles and applications of rehabilitative assessment and therapy, with special focus on the use of technology to enhance access to rehabilitation care. Overview of sensorimotor systems, as related to human performance and usability analysis. Models for access engineering and telerehabilitation, with focus on accessible design strategies, telemonitoring and teletherapy, and wireless and augmentative communication technologies will be examined. Rehabilitation biomechanics for seated mobility and for manipulation tasks will be explored. Innovations in assessment and intervention strategies for neurorehabilitation will also be included, as well as opportunities for hands-on laboratory demonstrations.

HRS 320  Legal and Ethical Aspects of Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

This course provides a foundation for rehabilitation services and decision-making through examination of client entitlements, eligibility, advocacy and protections. Health care law, public policy, ethics and confidentiality are discussed in this course. The obligations and impact of mandated reporting are also explored. This course will also examine the historical and legislative evolution of rehabilitation in America.

HRS 420  Psychosocial Aspects of Health Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

Social and psychological factors related to adjustment or adaptation to a disability and to the provision of rehabilitation services. This course also examines the psychological and social factors related to adjustment and diverse populations, including minorities, women, persons, with disabilities and older adults.

HRS 430  Vocational Aspects of Health Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

This course is a survey of vocational aspects of disability, occupational classification as it is practiced in the United States, and career development for persons with disabilities. It examines the vocational impacts of disability, and the methods used to classify work activity, jobs and occupations. Job analysis as an outgrowth and function of occupational classification is explored. Job placement activities, labor market analysis, and post employment services for persons with disabilities are examined.

HRS 440  Case Management in Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

This course will assist the student in integrating theory into practice, exploring various treatment strategies and interventions, and examining the relationship between consumer/client and counselor. Emphasis will be in the following specific areas: case management, and rehabilitation counseling procedures and techniques.