2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Entreprenural Studies (ENT)

ENT 364  Managing the Family Business  (3 Credits)  

Discussion of business management concepts, on the family business environment which examines, the stages of the family enterprise with emphasis , on managing people, change and conflict, as well , as strategic planning and organizational tools , applicable to the family business, evaluation of , situations and problems in a family business, through the analysis of cases; and realize, the career paths and opportunities.

ENT 386  New Venture Finance  (3 Credits)  

In-depth analysis of the process of funding an, entrepreneurial venture with a critical , examination of the decisions and alternatives on, the basis on their impact on firm value., Exploration of the techniques used in the areas of, evaluation, business plan development, deal , structure, and venture harvest. Discussions, of seed and growth capital from sources such as, individuals, angel funds, venture capita, investment banks, government, and commercial banks, Study of how entrepreneurs identify and commit, the necessary resources to create and , fund ventures.

ENT 387  Introduction to Entrepreneurship  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the important characteristics of, entrepreneurs that relate to successful business , start-ups, with emphasis on self-evaluation, , effective decision-making skills, and practical , aspects of a successful business start-up. A, requirement is a written assignment on business, plans based on a potential future business, venture.

ENT 465  Small Business Management  (3 Credits)  

Integration of entrepreneurial topics into , comprehensive plans and/or suggestions for , starting a business and solving problems., Requirements include completion of the business, plans and presentation for approval, participation, in a small business computer simulation, and , learning more about entrepreneurs and small, business management through classroom work.

ENT 467  Contemporary Topics in Entrepreneurship  (3 Credits)  

Study of the latest concepts, theories, and, applications in all aspects of entrepreneurship, and small business management.

ENT 476  Franchising  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to the principles and strategies, involved in starting and managing a franchise, operation, with emphasis on the knowledge of , franchise ability, the merits and demerits of , franchising, and the rights and obligations of, parties involved in franchising.

ENT 482  Managing Growing Venues  (3 Credits)  

Study of managing growing companies in a, professional manner while maintaining the , entrepreneurial spirit. Emphasis on financing , growth, measuring economic performance, and , obtaining information for management decision , making; management control systems for innovative, companies; short-and long-run planning in owner, managed businesses; and entrepreneurship, and management.

ENT 484  Creativity Innovation & Change Management  (3 Credits)  

Foundation for creating or finding new business, opportunities, technologies or processes. Study, of market research, competitive intelligence, and, managing change, with emphasis on evaluation,, planning, and leadership while distinguishing , between need or idea and the opportunity.

ENT 486  Entrp. Field Studies  (3 Credits)  

Experience in working on an entrepreneurial , venture with the instructor serving as a coach., Requirements are construction of a business plan, and presentation of an assessment of the outcome.

ENT 495  International Entrepreneurship  (3 Credits)  

Analysis of the operations and the managerial, strategies of various types of businesses in the, international setting. Emphasis on the , intellectual, political, social, economic, and , moral issues that business and government , leaders must face in dealing with international, business problems.