2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

ECE 110  Introduction to the Profession  (2 Credits)  

Introduction to the various fields of education thought and practice with some emphasis on the historical influences on our present system of education. Study includes the role and place of education in preschool and elementary (PreK-3) settings. Lectures, discussions, demonstrations, films, field trips, observation and participation in PreK-3 preschool and elementary school classrooms are provided. This class is conducted as a career-decision seminar.

ECE 224  Children's Literature for Ece  (3 Credits)  

Study of children's literature (prose and poetry) and an appraisal of its value in meeting the basic needs of preschool, kindergarten, and primary school children. Emphasis on reading aloud, storytelling, and choral speaking.

ECE 232  Creative Activities for Children  (3 Credits)  

This is a lecture and experientially based course that focuses on the development of creative abilities for ages three to six. Emphasis is placed on planning, teaching, and learning experiences in art, music, movement, nutrition, health, dramatic play, social-emotional development, and computer applications.

ECE 362  Mthds/Mtrls Instr Math Young Children  (3 Credits)  

Methods and techniques of teaching math to elementary school children. Includes preparation and practice with materials in classroom situations. Designed to meet the needs of elementary school teachers in grades K-6.

ECE 370  Analyzing Behavior of Children  (3 Credits)  

A lecture and experientially based course that focuses on observation methods that apply to young children. Both formal and informal assessment methods and strategies to diagnose and assess young children's learning and development will be used to create developmentally appropriate experiences. Candidates must complete twenty hours of observation and participation.

ECE 375  Children's Drama  (3 Credits)  

Study of theories and methods of children's drama and creative development with a focus on literacy and educational goals. Survey of literature and production techniques. Practical work in a production of a Children's Drama with an emphasis on the preschool years.

ECE 420  Parent Education  (3 Credits)  

Focus on strategies for helping childcare personnel and parents work together more effectively. This course will identify how the home, childcare settings/schools, and community interact and provide a forum for discussion of ways in which these settings interact to affect children's lives. Candidates are required to spend 20 hours of observation and participation.

ECE 460  Admin of Child & Family Programs  (3 Credits)  

Exposure to the administrative aspects of early childhood education. Introduction to a range of administrative demands in different types of early childhood centers as well as maintaining and developing ongoing programs. Twenty observation hours will be required for this class.

ECE 495  Practicum  (9 Credits)  

Emphasis on designing and implementing developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children ages 2 to 5 in a childcare setting. Study of the role of the childcare director, with an emphasis on administrative tasks.